Paula Martin - Romance Author

Other Published Work


Here are the novels I have had published in the past, under my pen-name Pauline Garnar. They are no longer in print but can sometimes be found in online used book stores.


Published by Mills and Boon in the UK in 1968.

Christine thought it was too good to be true when Don Bowden, whom she had loved for so long, confessed that he felt the same way about her.  It was too good to be true ... 




Published by Mills and Boon in 1968, and by Harlequin in the USA and Canada in 1969 #1325.  It was also serialised in 'My Weekly' magazine in 1969, and published by 'My Weekly' Story Library in 1970 #42 

Janet Harris and Philip Morton were on opposite sides of the fence.  The future of Janet's beautiful Lakeland village home was at stake, and she put the blame squarely on Philip.  Falling in love with each other should have been the solution.  But somehow it only complicated an already tense situation.  Then Fate took a hand.  But was it too late?


Published by Mills and Boon in 1970, and by Harlequin in the USA and Canada in 1970/71 #1444.

When Ruth's fiance died, she vowed never to fall in love again, but to remain true to Steve's memory, and she stuck to this decision even when she met Alec Hilton.  She felt she was deceiving Alec - but  wasn't it herself she was really deceiving?



Published by Robert Hale in 1981, also by 'Women's Weekly' Library in 1983 #2237.

Anne Marshall thought Max Lorimer would never be interested in her. Besides, there was Helen, the girl he should have married.  Why then did there seem to be this strange affinity between them?  And why did Max seem to be fighting it?




'Oh, To Be Sure Of Him' - Red Letter, September 1967

'Wish I Didn't Care' - Red Star Weekly, April 1968

'Miracle in Paris' - Sunday Companion, September 1968

'A Life at Stake' - Christian Herald, February 1969

'The First Time She Saw Paris' - Red Star Weekly, March 1969

'So Briefly Mine' - True Magazine, January 1969 

'My Lesson in Love' - True Magazine, May 1969

'Our Honeymoon Came First' - True Magazine, June 1969

'Blackmail' - True Magazine Summer Special 1969

'Who Was to Blame?' - True Magazine, November 1969

'He Wanted Me' - True Magazine, February 1970

'One Night of Heaven' - Loving and True Monthly, May 1991

'One Little Lie' - Loving and True Monthly, July 1991

'Love Comes First' - Loving and True Monthly, September 1991 


'Some Lakeland Churches' - Lakeland Rambler, 1968

Theme Evenings - 5 series, each with 11 articles, published in the UK Girl Guiding magazine in the 1990's, also a series of 10 training articles for District Commissioners


'Take Five' - 100 short activities for youth groups - Printforce Publishing, 1994


Fan Fiction (based on TV's 'The West Wing'):

'Tomorrow' - March 2008 

Review: 'I started reading this because I love The West Wing, and just couldn't stop reading.  You did an amazing job with the characters.  Congratulations on writing something so amazing.'

'That Kiss' - May 2008

Review: 'I just totally adored the story, I'm glad I read it.  You got both Abbey and Jed's character perfectly, as well as CJ's.  I just basically love this story.' 

'From Time to Time' - July 2008

Review: 'I loved it!  The characters' relationships with one another were very well rounded and that added to the story.  Congratulations.'

'A Special Assignment' - July 2009